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Caregiver Resources

Cat and laughing dogWelcome to BrightHaven’s Caregiver Resources page!

All items are designed to help people help animals live well each and every day! 

And all proceeds from the purchase of consultations, publications and online learning will help BrightHaven help more animals and people. Thank you for your support! 

PLEASE NOTE: We at BrightHaven are not veterinarians and are therefore not qualified to give you professional veterinary advice. We have, however, been helping our animals holistically for many years, aided by numerous talented professional practitioners. Also, we have been through the dying experience with more than 600 animals and are proud to share what we’ve learned from our experiences along the way.

Always consult your family veterinarian in matters concerning the health of your animals. Any sign of pain in your animal should be immediately addressed with your veterinarian.

Free Resources:

  • BrightHaven Menu for Healing – This menu, which is the foundation of our work, focuses on the best quality of life at all stages. The goal is to achieve optimal balance of body, mind and spirit.
  • Education – Animal Hospice – BrightHaven provides leadership in the development and application of animal hospice and its philosophy of care, based on holistic healthcare and the wisdom of the animals we’ve cared for through over 600 hospice-supported deaths. 
  • Education – Holistic Healthcare – Through love and kindness we have refined our relationship with animals over the years, and from the animals’ teachings an integral structure for holistic care has emerged.
  • Animal Hospice Care Certificate – Help allay any concerns regarding your animal’s condition with this form that is signed by your vet.
  • Quality of Dying Checklist – Review this checklist to help you make an informed decision, rather than one based on fear, regarding natural dying and euthanasia.
  • Our Vets – BrightHaven is firmly committed to classical veterinary homeopathy and is delighted to introduce some of America’s finest veterinarians with whom we have worked.

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