King Tut

July 21, 2015


It’s hard to believe this 17 year-old regal, dignified and oh so gentle senior, began life as a feral. Approaching 10 years old, his luck changed one day when rescued by a wonderful elderly German lady, Agnes. Agnes cared for Tut along with her other rescued family of felines with so much love and understanding … Read more


June 23, 2015

Hope came to live at BrightHaven six years ago. She came to us for hospice care and Tuesday (June 23rd) at 2pm this dear dog became another angel in heaven. Hope entered this lifetime as an overbred “Aussie”. It was hoped she would be “the perfect white shepherd”, but instead she was born with serious … Read more


January 24, 2015


Dear friends, This little note comes to tell his friends of so many years that the BrightHaven sheriff, dear Joey, passed away Saturday evening shortly before 9pm. Joey came into my life eleven years ago and, after receiving his first set of wheels, proceeded to take over daily BrightHaven life to rule the roost – … Read more


December 26, 2014


~26th December 2014 From now forward, Boxing Day will take on new meaning, as it was the day that one of the sweetest souls we have yet to meet, left this world. Just once in a while one meets a person exuding peace, charm and joy and in August of 2013 BrightHaven was lucky to … Read more


October 20, 2014


~October 20th 2014 The morning of October 20th marked the passing of a BrightHaven icon. Rescued from the streets, emaciated and desperately ill, Sam came to BrightHaven to die in peace, in July 2013. Instead of dying though, Sam concentrated his attention on living – with a capital “L” – and in doing so deeply … Read more


October 12, 2014

Johnnie relaxing

~October 12th 2014 My heart is heavy this morning as I write to tell his many friends of the death of our beloved Johnnie angel, as he was fondly known. Johnnie came to us in 2001 as a young feral cat who became fascinated to watch our cats at play through the garden fence. When … Read more


September 29, 2014


~September 29th 2014 Nicholas came to us on the 7th September to enjoy the last 12 short days of his life. This handsome, sweet and gentle old man quickly won everyone’s hearts as they spent time in his loving and kind presence. A once huge old man now emaciated and at the end of his … Read more


September 28, 2014

~September 28th 2014 Dear Friends, Today I sit down to try to capture the life and times of our dearly beloved rascal, bully, coward and adored friend Pepito, on Sunday 28th September 2014. Pepito, along with his feline sister Diana and brothers, King Tut and Mr. Magoo, came to live at BrightHaven back in June … Read more


August 14, 2014


~14th August 2014 Here I sit with pen poised and no real idea how on earth to best portray this sweet and gentle giant whose only aim in life was ever happiness and to share it with everyone he met. Turning the clock back two decades found Neill and his sister Mimi hitchhiking along a … Read more


September 13, 2013


~ September 13, 2013 As we pass closer to the end of life, we are always aware as in any hospice situation that death may actually not be the outcome expected – even sometimes in the most dire of situations. A short while ago we experienced just such a situation at BrightHaven and I would … Read more