Richard Pope: Honoring the Life of a Truly Remarkable Man

Founded in 1990 by Gail and her beloved husband, the late Richard Pope, BrightHaven is a renowned animal rescue, hospice and holistic education nonprofit organization. We offer a variety of caregiver resources to help you help your animals live well each and every day! Our primary focus: senior, disabled & chronically ill animals.

BrightHaven is a pioneer and leader in the ever-expanding field of animal hospice and palliative care, and our experience with hospice-supported natural dying is distinct and well known. We are privileged to have provided hospice care for and shared the dying experience with over 600 animals who taught us so much. At BrightHaven, it is all about living well through the last breath!


How might the spiritual comfort and wisdom shared by animals inspire you to live and connect more deeply with yourself and others from your heart and soul, where love remains the prevailing principle? Find out more in GRATEFUL for Animals: Spiritual Comfort & Wisdom in Life's Last Chapter, available on Amazon.

BrightHaven Testimonials:

“The work you do is amazing and you’re demonstrating how people should behave as caretakers for the planet and all her children. Thank you for being pioneers in the world of animal hospice, and thank you for sharing what you’ve learned so that the lives of animals are honored.” —Jamie L.

“I am always confident that you make the best decisions for the most animals possible—and sometimes in unique ways. BrightHaven is like that bright star in the sky that you know is reliable and well-meaning for all the critters.” –Sandi C.

“What you do at BrightHaven is an inspiration to me and I thank you for all you do for animals!!” –Jodie J.

New BrightHaven book: How can animals inspire you to live well & fully?

We are so excited to announce the latest BrightHaven book, GRATEFUL for Animals: Spiritual Comfort & Wisdom in Life’s Last Chapter! BrightHaven President and Founder Gail Pope and I, BrightHaven Education Program Manager Carol Hulse, honor the human-animal bond as we gently explore the many ways animals are indeed wise and wonderful guides and companions … Read more

In Loving Memory of the Inimitable Ziggy Pope

There is no death, only a change of worlds.” —Chief Seattle BrightHaven President and Founder Gail Pope wrote a heartwarming tribute to Ziggy: “Dear friends, Ziggy (named for the son of the equally incomparable Jamaican singer and musician Bob Marley) came to us in March 2018 from nonprofit Retrievers and Friends of Southern California. And … Read more

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