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Why does BrightHaven Charge an Entrance Fee?

Anyone who has cared for an elderly or special needs animal in their golden years will have an idea of the costs that will very likely be involved.

BrightHaven is a small organization with a huge heart and passion for caring for seniors as well as the chronically ill. We struggle with funding and therefore cannot readily accept all those who come to our door, much as we would wish otherwise. It is for this reason that we sincerely feel it is appropriate for those who CAN afford to pay for our services, to do so, in the knowledge that their loved one will receive the very best of care throughout their entire lifespan.

Of course there are always people who need our help and who cannot pay our entrance fee and where our budget will allow we strive to accommodate their needs in the hope that the community will understand the costs involved and feel impelled to donate to support the needs of others less fortunate.

In finishing, I would like to  mention that the BrightHaven life for your beloved pet includes 24/7, around the clock holistic care in a family setting with expert medical help always at the ready.

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