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Caregiver Education – Animal Hospice

BrightHaven: Pioneer & Leader in the Emerging Field of Animal Hospice

Hospice became a way of life at BrightHaven as we have cared for hundreds of senior and special-needs animals since 1990. In doing so, we have learned so much about love and the circle of life from our animal loved ones. We focus on achieving a state of wellness, joy or balance whether for continued life or for transition. At BrightHaven we concentrate on helping the “being” to be the best they can possibly be, regardless of age, illness, or type of being – human or animal!

Our hospice care is very much aligned with hospice care for humans where love, comfort, dignity and quality of life are of the highest importance, and the spiritual aspect of the journey is highly honored. We strongly encourage anyone interested in learning about animal hospice to first read more on many available websites on the subject of death and dying including the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and the Hospice Foundation of America (HFA).

BrightHaven provides leadership in the development and application of animal hospice and its philosophy of care. We are dedicated to improving the care and support of animals with a serious or end-of-life illness. We foster respect and awareness for animals as sentient beings and promote an understanding of death as a natural part of life.

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Our animal hospice education, based on holistic healthcare and following the wisdom of the animals through over 600 hospice-supported deaths, includes a wide range of interesting topics:

Death is not the extinguishing of the light… It is the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come. –Rabindranath Tagore

BrightHaven Resources to Help Your Animal Live Well Each and Every Day!

Gail & Joey
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Carol Howe Hulse – Education Program Specialist
Carol & Silver
(Photo by Beth Shields)
  • Walking with My Dog Through (End of) Lifean intimate look at a profound life passage, from terminal diagnosis through hospice care and natural death. (Author: Carol Howe Hulse, BrightHaven Education Program Specialist)

Other Resources: