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Caregiver Education – Animal Holistic Healthcare

BrightHaven: Leading the Community in Holistic Animal Healthcare Education

Gail & Richard Pope with Sasha and Lily

Through love and kindness we have refined our relationship with animals over the years, and from the animals’ teachings an integral structure for holistic care has emerged. Our healing approach is based on classical veterinary homeopathy complemented by a raw food diet, immune and organ support and a variety of healing arts including animal Reiki.

Although our primary focus is holistic healthcare, we also use conventional medicine if needed, including for diagnostics, surgery and fluid therapy. It’s accurate to say that we simply support all modes of care used at the appropriate time and in the best interest of the patient.

BrightHaven is also a leader in animal hospice care.

Menu for Healing

BrightHaven is unique for the work we do and the results we get! It’s all about living well – in an optimal state of balance of mind, body and spirit – each and every day through the last breath!

Our Menu for Healing is also affectionately known as “The Love Sandwich” as it begins and ends with love, and the healing power of love can never be overstated. We created this menu by following the wisdom of the animals, and it currently forms the foundation for our work.

Our holistic healthcare education program includes a wide range of interesting and useful information:

“The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil

BrightHaven Resources to Help Your Animal Live Well Each and Every Day!

Gail & Joey
(Photo by in joy photography)
Carol Howe Hulse – Education Program Specialist
Carol & Silver
(Photo by Beth Shields)
  • Walking with My Dog Through (End of) Lifean intimate look at a profound life passage, from terminal diagnosis through hospice care and natural death. (Author: Carol Howe Hulse, BrightHaven Education Program Specialist)

Other Resources:

  • Animal Reiki Source – Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki leader, author & teacher
  • Holistic Actions! – Drs. Jeff Feinman and Christina Chambreau (two longtime BrightHaven volunteer vets and classical veterinary homeopaths)
  • The Temple Cat – July Berrin (animal communicator and medical intuitive)
  • Animal Essentials – Greg Tilford, Founder. This company is dedicated to producing the finest natural pet care products in the world, from only the best ingredients available. Animal Essentials is all about supplements for health and wellbeing – some that can be added to meals or administered as an oral medicinal. They have very generously donated their products to BrightHaven for over 20 years.
  • Feline Instincts –Felice Arata, Founder. This company offers a line of complete and easy to use all-in-one supplements to be added to raw meat. Our animals will tell you that these supplements are very tasty and well-loved by all. Feline Instincts has also very generously donated their products to BrightHaven for over 20 years.