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Animal Caregiver FAQ

Our goal at BrightHaven is to help people and animals help each other. And we do exactly that by sharing with you what we’ve learned about animal health and wellbeing from following the wisdom of the animals we’ve loved and cared for since 1990!

PLEASE NOTE: We at BrightHaven are not veterinarians and are therefore not qualified to give you professional veterinary advice. We have, however, been helping our animals holistically for many years, aided by numerous talented professional practitioners. Also, we have been through the dying experience with more than 600 animals and are proud to share what we’ve learned from our experiences along the way.

Always consult your family veterinarian in matters concerning the health of your animals. Any sign of pain in your animal should be immediately addressed with your veterinarian.

Animal Caregiver FAQ

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Testimonials for BrightHaven’s work:

“I am unable by gesture or through the limits of the written word, to communicate what you and the BrightHaven philosophy mean to me. I thank you for the introduction to living without fear. Praise God.” –Jay B.

“Thank you for modeling the way in terms of holistic animal care. I know my life has been transformed because of my time at BrightHaven.” –Diane H.

“I’ve been using some of your practices of calm grace with the passings recently of a friend’s dear dog Frankie, and also with a sweet little rat I found on the sidewalk dying last week. It is the most profound gift to be with someone in their final time. Thank you for spreading this awareness and for the many, many souls you have been present with through their final breath.” –Molly