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Hope’s Story

The inspirational story of a dog named “Hope”

Hope came to BrightHaven to die, and lived!

This remarkable dog was born with a major heart defect as well as no eyes. Rejected by her Mother and given for euthanasia, baby Hope was cared for by shelter staff who just could not resist her charm…After many months Hope found her way to BrightHaven to be cared for as she left this earth—and there began a change in her story.

When BrightHaven discovered that a dangerous heart surgery might be possible, they turned to animal communication for help, to hear Hope quickly say she wanted surgery—would live through it and furthermore—would become a BrightHaven miracle of healing to join the many before her. Hope indicated she came to prove to humans they can change their lives by changing their thoughts. Miracles happen every day.

Having survived the incredible surgery and supported by classical veterinary homeopath Dr. Jeff Levy, Hope was “OK” but unable to eat on her own, losing weight and very clearly in deep trouble. She was simply not present in her body. Fearful and unable to be touched without great stress and fear, other methods were sought quickly to try to reach this girl to help her….Time was fast running out when Gail contacted Jaynellen Kovacevich, Tellington Touch practitioner, who quickly appeared at our door.

For several months Jaynellen made daily trips to work with Hope, often late at night after a grueling day. The magic began and soon the difference in Hope was observed by all.

Hope is a different dog now. She is full of life, love, joy and importantly, she is calm, relaxed and grounded, easily finding her way around the huge house and gardens.

Life is for the living and Hope is living hers and showing the world clearly that miracles can happen each and every day.

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