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Options for Telephone or Email Consultations

Gail Pope
Gail Pope

With Gail Pope

Gail is pleased to offer consuItations regarding our philosophy, diet, healthcare and lifestyle, hospice care and transition, etc.

**Important to note: I/we are not qualified veterinarians and can only offer our opinion and thoughts based upon our 25 years of experience taking care of our animal family and from the miracles of healing we have observed.

Scale of Fees

We are many times requested to offer free opinions and give consultations to those who have often spent all their money at a vet hospital only to discover they have no more options and finances are running low. Much as we would love to help everyone, we have to make mention that BrightHaven is a non-profit and also fighting hard to survive in these extremely challenging economic times.  General operating costs are substantial in our varied work of rescue, sanctuary and hospice care, not to mention education too, and so we have no alternative but to charge a fee. We do wish to be of service to many though, and so offer the following options:

$100 per hour via telephone or email

Email consultation is Gail’s preferred way of consulting as it gives more time for thought and in-depth response.

Here’s how it works:

  • Email or telephone time will be charged at the rate of $25 per quarter hour
  • The minimum charge for any part of a quarter hour will be $15
  • When you become a consultation client you will be given Gail’s cell phone number for emergency or after hours calls
  • Emergency calls are $25

Please begin all consultations by emailing:

  • Name of your pet and a photograph
  • Most recent blood panel or tests
  • As much information as possible about what is going on

Payment options:

  • Visa or MasterCard by telephone to BH office
  • Online payment via Credit Card or PayPal (See Consultation with Gail Pope section)
  • Check mailed to:
        44489 Town Center Way
        Ste D 487
        Palm Desert, CA 92260

To request or ask a question about a consultation:

Contact Gail via email: