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How Can You Join Other Animal Lovers & Give Better Animal Hospice Care?

We’re very excited to tell you about BrightHaven’s latest partnership!

It’s with the Animal Hospice Group, also known as AHG. And BrightHaven’s President and Founder Gail Pope is one of the AHG founders!

To help you get better acquainted with AHG, we’ve answered a few key questions you might have:

What is AHG’s goal?

When animal companions approach end of life, their humans can feel helpless, unsure and inadequate.

The Animal Hospice Group is committed to helping, educating and certifying animal lovers like you so you can provide better end-of-life care and comfort for animals and families, and build your confidence and animal hospice skills.

Who is AHG?

The founding partners and instructors include BrightHaven’s Gail Pope, Michelle Nichols of AHELP Project, Kathryn Marocchino of The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets and Amir Shanan, veterinarian at Compassionate Veterinary Hospice.

Combined, this group represents more than 100 years of animal hospice experience! You can learn more about the AHG founders by visiting

What is AHG’s certification program?

Do you wish to take your animal hospice knowledge and expertise to a whole new level?

The AHG experts have created 2 ways to help you achieve your goal!

1) Certificate of Completion

After completing Modules 1 through 9, you will be well-prepared to help your own animals on their hospice journey and also assist others, with increased competence and confidence!

Our training incorporates live discussion sessions and online learning:

  • Module 1: Introducing Animal Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Module 2: Managing an Animal’s Well-being through Decline, Disability, and End of Life: Navigating A Terminal Diagnosis
  • Module 3: Practical Patient Issues and Nursing Care
  • Module 4: Quality of Life (for Living and for Dying) in the Animal Hospice Patient
  • Module 5: Understanding the Animal Dying Experience
  • Module 6: End-of-Life Options and After-Death Care
  • Module 7: Care for the Caregivers
  • Module 8: Grief and Honoring the Life
  • Module 9: Practitioners Experience

2) Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner (CAHP)

Once you’ve received your Certificate of Completion for Modules 1-9, you can choose to complete Module 10: Internship & Helpline, which includes being mentored on the AHG Helpline that’s coming in Spring 2022.

Upon successful completion of Module 10, you will be a CAHP, ready to provide better animal hospice care for animals and their families!


To find out more and register for AHG’s certification program, please visit

Who is eligible to participate in the AHG Animal Hospice Certification Program?

This program is open to all animal caregivers and animal-related professionals and practitioners.

What is AHG’s impact on BrightHaven?

BrightHaven’s renowned rescue and caregiver resources and education programs will continue in full force!

AHG actually enhances BrightHaven’s education offerings by providing you with the opportunity to become certified in animal hospice care.

What can I do to to help move AHG forward?

Thank you for your support of BrightHaven and AHG!!!

If you go through this process [hospice-supported natural death] with courage and grace, I promise that you will no longer fear death, and your perspective on life will be forever changed to one of acceptance and peace. What greater legacy can our animals leave us?

– Gail Pope, BrightHaven President & Founder; Animal Hospice Group Founder



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