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Hope came to live at BrightHaven six years ago. She came to us for hospice care and Tuesday (June 23rd) at 2pm this dear dog became another angel in heaven.

Hope entered this lifetime as an overbred “Aussie”. It was hoped she would be “the perfect white shepherd”, but instead she
was born with serious brain and heart damage and with no eyes. After much soul searching, along with a plea from Hope via a close animal communicator friend, we went ahead with a life-threatening surgery to allow her heart to function more normally. It proved successful and Hope began new life.

Of course she had many limitations as her brain never functioned “normally”, but Hope told us that her mission would be to teach people to see with their hearts instead of their eyes and to not judge people or animals by the way they look or behave, but to search deeper – to the true being within – and to reach out to, and love, that being wholeheartedly.
During her seven years with us Hope did exactly that and touched the lives and hearts of many – people and animals, especially the animal Reiki students who came to share a healing space with her. They were generally left feeling they’d actually been granted the gift of her wisdom.

So many loved this sweet soul – too many to mention sadly here, except for the three special lights in her life as well as her passing, Fray, Carol and July. For years Fray helped me care for and feed this challenging dog, who even needed help to eat her food. Carol and Hope shared many special walks together in nature as well as often sharing the meditative Reiki space. And Animal telepath July became our bridge to Hope in her last days and hours as she relayed many extraordinary messages regarding this unique girl’s journey as she played along the path to the afterlife with Joey and Chester who led her into the arms of angels.

Hope’s death was truly the easiest and most peaceful it could be as she slipped away to the afterlife with barely a whisper. A slight and almost imperceptible stretch of her back legs and her soft breath stopped in that instant. As Hope lay gently in state for three days we could sense her sweet presence, perhaps lingering for some fare-thee-wells to us and the other animals who’d been her friends.

I am where there is beauty and peace,
My energy will never cease.
I am where there is perfect love,
With He who created us all, above.
Where water is crystal clear
Where angel harps I hear.
Where lush grass grows
Where the light of God glows.
With all my family and friends,
Where time never ends.
I am but a breath away
And with you I will always stay.

~Sheila Ganey

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