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~26th December 2014

From now forward, Boxing Day will take on new meaning, as it was the day that one of the sweetest souls we have yet to meet, left this world. Just once in a while one meets a person exuding peace, charm and joy and in August of 2013 BrightHaven was lucky to welcome one such lady to our family.

Molly’s elderly caregiver died a year and a half ago and her caring friend, Sherry found BrightHaven just in the nick of time to save this sweet old lady from being taken to an animal shelter.

Obviously frail, Molly soon shared her special sweetness with all who cared to stop for a chat or cuddle – especially loving the energy from the many Reiki sessions she shared with Animal Reiki Source students, who quickly fell for her charms. They wished to offer her healing but most often felt afterwards somehow changed themselves. This was one truly special spirit.
Molly was in fairly advanced renal failure with recurrent cystitis attacks. Talented homeopathic veterinarian Dr. Pat Bradley was enlisted for her care and was always available for advice and prescriptions for her special patient. Molly blossomed under Pat’s supervision, although as time passed she grew more frail, slowly losing weight and muscle mass until it became obvious she was very gently approaching the end of her life.

Several weeks ago, in early December, we saw the signs of Molly’s demise and thought it would be “soon”, but Molly took her own sweet time. She surprised everyone by moving house moved from her favorite spot in the kitchen to live in the center of our busy clinic where she could really absorb all that daily life has to offer!

She was joined by sweet animal midwife, Rosie, who tended to her every need until the moment of her death. Molly’s living room, bedroom and bathroom became one as the wet table housed lots of frequently changed towels, water bowls and various hot water bottles, although Molly mostly preferred to lie on top of Rosie for the love and warmth she craved.

During the ensuing two weeks we cared for Molly, kept in close touch with her vet, Pat, and watched in amusement as Rosie, taking her responsibilities very seriously, spent a long time each day grooming her charge. She mostly effected a feline Mohawk style, but Molly loved every minute and was clearly grateful and her shining light of love grew brighter – along with Rosie’s.
The day after Xmas Molly refused breakfast and lay peacefully. We noticed the rhythm of her breathing changing and Carol offered Reiki as Rosie snuggled closer and recommenced grooming her friend for her journey…Until needed again Rosie is making the wet table her new bed.

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.
St. Francis De Sales

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