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How Does Mother Nature’s Healing Power Help Us Live Fully?    

Have you ever wondered how all beings are instinctively drawn to Mother Nature’s awesome healing and nurturing power?

I’ve learned that her slower pace and regenerative properties effortlessly help us feel more whole, peaceful, calm and clear, and bring us back to the present moment and a sense of aliveness and possibility. Perhaps that’s one reason we often feel better around our animals—they naturally unite us with the flow of life. And they connect us with Source, a benevolent, omnipotent and eternal organizing force that is pure unconditional love focused on the highest good for all concerned.

Also, interacting with our animals is a perfect way to create a more intimate relationship with Mother Nature’s relaxing, soothing and healing ways! I know that walking in the nearby park with my dog Bastie, enjoying and appreciating the awesome beauty and bounty of Mother Nature, always lifts my spirits!

Here are a few quotes that touch on ways we can benefit from living more in synch with natural rhythms and cycles. After all, we too are animals and a part of Mother Nature!

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