Dafne-Ann’s story

Dafne-Ann touches Gail's face

Born: 1990  Came to BH: November 2004  Date written: 7th September 2008 I have resisted writing this story for fear of jinxing her time here, but now I want to share with you the story of Dafne-Ann, one of the most delightful royal ladies to tread this earth. Dafne-Ann has lived in our house for … Read more

Charlie’s Story

Charlie looking up

—July 7th 2008 This gorgeous girl arrived here in April of 2004, mourning the death of her beloved person. Subsequently, her human “uncle” had taken her, along with sister “Honey” to a vet hospital—one girl tucked under each arm, dumped them unceremoniously down, and requested euthanasia. Thank goodness for our kind friend Sally, who contacted … Read more

Barney’s Story

“Barney-boots”—”Barn-acre”—”Barney-boop” –April 22nd 2008 11:45pm Barney was born under a bush in the cold and rain—left there, perhaps by his Mother, because he was different from the rest of her litter. His left rear leg was only a short stump and his jaw all twisted sideways, but he was alive and ready to see what … Read more

Beau’s Story


—Easter Monday March 24th 2008 Beauregard has been the undisputed leader of BrightHaven and its “rat pack”, for more than a decade. One look at his magnificent physique has always been enough to alert one to being in the presence of someone “different” and today I simply cannot believe him gone from us. Beau came … Read more

Bentley’s Story


–March 12th 2008 Farewell my good master, homeward I fly;  One day thou shall gain the same freedom as I. –Jelaleddin Today I am emotional and finally struck by profound tiredness after the long weeks, months, and, well years…spent trying in vain to save the life of this oh!! so sweet young man. It is … Read more

Trevor’s Story

Beautiful Trevor

Once again BrightHaven reaches the end of another incredible era. Just three short weeks ago at the grand old age of 26 years, Trevor told us of his impending demise and invited us to join him on his journey. As so many old souls before him this huge old lover boy knew his path well … Read more

Patti’s Story

Patti Standing

Date of Death: 11th April 2007 I sit here waiting for the words to flow as surely they will, as I tell her many loved ones of the death of Patti, who has become BrightHaven’s newest and sweetest love story. Last evening Richard, Fray and I sat down to eat dinner shortly after 8pm. At … Read more

Tim’s Story


“Tiny Tim” – Date of death: 12th Sept. 2010 Tim was born on 19th July 2000 in his family’s garage and cuddled with his brothers and sisters in their basket. The family made a fuss of the new babies when they came in to play and visit with them and the kittens really enjoyed the … Read more

Sarah’s story

Sarah and Gail, March 1988

The Silver Cord—Sarah’s story: A story of love, courage and triumph. July 1990—December 1997 There is a place called BrightHaven”. It is an animal retreat. Its name describes a feeling which is experienced by every person once its story has been learned. BrightHaven has magic. BrightHaven typically accepts only animals whose last hope is to … Read more