April 19, 2013


~ April 19, 2013 “William” William, sweet William. Although at BrightHaven for two years, the sweet, gentle, dignified and reserved William rarely invited us close to his grieving heart. In the last couple of weeks though, he finally opened, accepted and allowed me in and now what a wrench it is to bid farewell to my … Read more


February 22, 2013


~ February 22nd, 2013 Pepito, Lady Di, Mr. Magoo and King Tut became one of the most precious and special feline families to have ever dwelled at BrightHaven. Two weeks ago you may recall the death of Mr. Magoo and yesterday at 9:20am we bade farewell to dear little Miss Diana. Several weeks ago, when the … Read more

Mr. Magoo

February 7, 2013

Handsome Mr. Mangoo

~ February 7th, 2013 Today at 2:07am, we bade farewell to BrightHaven’s much loved “absent-minded professor”, Mr. Magoo. Magoo had many names – Goofer, Goo-goo, Goo-man, Senor Goo—–man, Goof and on and on. Those who knew him will remember his quirky personality and feisty nature, which only served to make this short- sighted man more … Read more


August 1, 2012

carry looking up

~ August, 2012 Our dear Carrie died last night shortly before midnight—in Gail’s arms. In her late teens, Carrie had reigned as queen of our BrightHaven clinic since her arrival in May 2010. Although originally rescued from a Bay Area shelter and placed in foster care, Carrie managed to find her way to BrightHaven by … Read more


July 11, 2012

Harley kissing Fray

~ July 11th, 2012 Not many become a legend in their own lifetime but today it gives me great pleasure and sadness also, to write about my dear departed friend Harley, who most certainly will remain in many hearts as one very special man. We all know that animals are wise, sentient beings, but not … Read more

Mr. Murphy

October 31, 2011

Mr. Murphy

~ October 31st, 2011 There would not be a single person I am sure, who would not applaud my use of the adjective “dear” when referring to Mr. Murphy, for his essence was very dear and wise, and one only had to be present in the gaze of his deep and steady eyes to recognize … Read more


March 28, 2010

Date of death: 28th May 2010 Gosh, to write in memory of Nicki would mean writing a veritable book (!!!) Nicki died at the grand age of 37 years, after taking us all on an incredible hospice journey our first horse to take us all the way to a beautiful natural conclusion to life and … Read more